Anne is in pre-production with her team at USC to film a documentary about political polarization in the lead up to

the 2020 Fall General Election. 


Us vs. Us is an advanced USC MFA Documentary investigating political polarization in the lead-up to the Fall 2020 General Election. The film will put grassroots organizers from Republican and Democratic political organizations in Southern California into conversation with each other, exploring their differences and seeing how they can find any common ground. 


Help us improve democracy!

We are seeking donations for lighting and sound gear, PPE for cast and crew, composer and motion graphics designers, and food for our cast and crew through 3 months of filming and post-production. If you are interested in contributing goods or services, please contact us at Thank you for your support! 


Producers: Abhinav Tiku & Evan Hartney

Cinematographer: Dorothy Lee

Editors: Catelin Shane Dunn & Andy Yi Li

Sound Recorder & Sound Designer: Jimmy Pierce

Production Intern: Riya Jain

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